"Rostelecom" implements AR technologies in commercial service

If you thought that managing equipment and conducting remote repairs is not easy, "Rostelecom" proves otherwise. The company has tested AR glasses and the Russian software "IKSAR" for use in commercial service, opening up new prospects for remote technical support.

AR technologies allow technical specialists to see virtual objects and instructions in real-time through special glasses, establish communication with remote experts, thus reducing the time to complete tasks. Combining AR with the unique software "IKSAR" enables "Rostelecom" employees to perform technical maintenance and repair work with high efficiency and accuracy, even remotely.

On February 13, 2024, employees of "Rostelecom" from the direction of Innovative Infrastructure Services Development (DPiRIS) conducted testing of AR glasses for one of the major clients. The technological testing process included planned preventive maintenance on the client’s equipment installed at the "Rostelecom" site.

As part of the testing, specialists conducted checks on the operability of network and power equipment, as well as conditions for placement and resource provision.

An important part of the process was also ensuring security and minimizing potential risks for the client’s system and data. In case of any malfunctions or discrepancies, they were documented, communication with a remote expert was established, and additional corrective actions were taken.

Thus, the process was aimed at ensuring the stable operation of the client’s equipment and the safe functioning of the network as a whole. During the testing of AR glasses and "IKSAR" software, "Rostelecom" confirmed their effectiveness and potential for application in commercial services.