IKSAR — is a software platform for creating and executing various work scenarios for a «field worker» wearing AR glasses.
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Included in the Register by Order of the Ministry of Digitalization of Russia from 22.06.2021 №633 Application №1, registry №10726a
Key challenges
  • Forced equipment downtime
    Due to negligence and non-compliance with maintenance regulations
  • Non-core workload and paper workflow
    Low speed of processes, delays in obtaining reliable and information "from the field“
  • Industrial injuries
    Due to non-compliance with safety measures
  • Competition for the talents
    Companies are looking for new ways to attract talent
  • Lack of experts
    There are few experienced experts, they are in demand in different places and lose up to 30% of the time for logistics on business trips
  • The speed of decision-making
    For quick and balanced decisions, we need the most complete information from the "fields"
Big Goal:
Increase the value of human performance
Operational Goal:
Increase productivity
IKSAR in combination with AR glasses will help in the performance of production operations
Our solution allows you to implement different scenarios for different industries at the same time
Rounds, Monitoring, Repair and Operation of equipment
Maintenance and inspection of mechanized equipment
Remote Supervision of installation and Commissioning at facilities under construction
All types of warehouse operations (picking, moving, issuing, inventory)
Assembly and disassembly of products, assemblies and aggregates
Training of new employees
Construction control
Remote agricultural scouting
Tele-veterinary and tele-agronomy
Livestock care
IKSAR in combination with AR glasses will help in the performance of production operations
IKSAR in combination with AR glasses will help in the performance of production operations
reduce work
reduce on business
reduce risk of
reduce paper
How does the platform work ?
  • Setting up functions on each step
  • Loading step content
  • Creating a scenario
Process Editor
  • Saving of audio-video sessions
  • Establishing audio/video connections between subscribers
  • Saving and sending the entered information
  • Execute functions
  • Displaying steps
Performer of the process
– mobile devices
  • Caller Registration and Call Management
Audio-video communication module
Technological advantages of IKSAR
Graphic editor for fast no-code development of digital process
RUS/ENG interface on
the server and mobile
part of the platform
Compliance with the best practices of AAA information security
AR glasses support for all leading players of the industrial AR market: RealWear, Rokid, Vuzix
Landscape and portrait orientation of processes to support different mobile devices
Cloud based and On-premise: at the Customer's choice
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