"Dalur" (a subsidiary of Rosatom) conducted trials of the augmented reality platform "IKSAR"

"Rostelecom", "Rosatom", and "Inline Group" have conducted trials of the augmented reality platform "IKSAR".

The main objectives of the field testing were to determine the effectiveness of using the platform in combination with AR glasses in a production environment and to assess the technical capabilities.

The trials took place at the mining sites of the "Dalur" mining enterprise (a subsidiary of the state corporation "Rosatom"), specifically at the "Dalmatovskoye" and "Dobrovolskoye" locations.

The "IKSAR" technology, in conjunction with the glasses, enables real-time video and audio calls, photo and video documentation of all production steps performed by operators, and the recording of voice comments, which are automatically converted into textual reports and saved and uploaded to the analytics core.

During the testing, "Dalur" employees simulated scenarios where they established contact with a remote expert via video communication. The expert, in real-time, saw everything the operator wearing AR glasses saw in front of their eyes, provided voice comments, sent graphical instructions and text-based guidelines directly to the operator’s glasses screen. The hands of the worker remained free to carry out various production tasks, and the actions of the field operators were not only monitored but also recorded. Additional experts, operators, or external observers could join the video conference session if necessary.
Alexandra Iskhizova, the director of corporate and government segments at "Rostelecom" in the Urals, emphasised that the company actively integrates innovative products into production processes. Currently, the augmented reality technology "IKSAR" in combination with AR glasses is in the verification stage.

Tatiana Mantsurova, the director of corporate and government segments at the branch in the Tyumen and Kurgan regions of PJSC "Rostelecom", noted that the system has passed testing and is ready for industrial use.

Dinis Yezhurov, the CEO of JSC "Dalur" (a mining division enterprise of the state corporation "Rosatom"), pointed out that thanks to the use of augmented reality technology, experts can provide guidance to employees in remote and inaccessible areas. They can send not only voice comments and instructions but also diagrams with their own annotations overlaid on the image without having to physically visit each site.

Igor Gulyansky, the director of innovation at "Inline Group" and the founder of the "IKSAR" product, commented on the capabilities of the technology: "Our implementation experience shows that the digital tool in the form of AR glasses, combined with the "IKSAR" platform, can help specialists strictly adhere to regulations, establish complete process transparency, reduce non-profiled workload, and prevent incorrect actions, thereby preserving the health and lives of workers."

Source: CNews