UEC implements augmented reality technologies in aircraft engine assembly

The United Engine Corporation of Rostec is implementing cutting-edge digital technologies in the assembly of aviation engine components and units. The adoption of modern solutions, including augmented reality devices, is optimizing production processes and enhancing product quality.

A pilot project is underway at the UEC-Saturn plant in Rybinsk for the assembly of gas turbine engines (GTEs). The solution is based on a combination of the domestic software platform "IKSAR" with augmented reality glasses and other types of mobile devices.

Engine assemblers perform their tasks using augmented reality glasses, which display step-by-step instructions on their surface. Another participant in the process within the information system is the controller, who confirms the completion of each stage before transitioning to the next one.
Thanks to the "IKSAR" software, it's possible to capture photos and videos of completed operations, structuring the digital footprint of the assembly process. The combination of actions within the system provides all necessary information for automatically generating a product assembly map.

The system tracks the time for each operation, can monitor employee workload, and analyze their work on each produced item. Moreover, it allows for connecting with experts for consultations directly from the workplace if needed.

"Digital technologies increase the speed of both the employee's operations, freeing them from routine or paper-based tasks, and the speed of all assembly processes. In the long term, this will contribute to the successful resolution of the large-scale challenges facing engine manufacturers. The first stage of the project has proven the effectiveness of the implemented approaches, allowing us to move forward. This year, adjustments to the interface for simultaneous collaborative work of assemblers will be made, and integration with the enterprise's information systems will be developed," said Evgeny Alexeev, Director of Digital Transformation at UEC-Saturn, discussing the results and prospects of the pilot project.