The "Information System for Visual Inspection of Equipment and Components" was introduced at the "Machine-Building Plant" of Rosatom

Customers: Machine-Building Plant (TVEL)
Contractors: Inline Group
Product: Inline Group Ixar (XR) Platform for Auxiliary Reality Devices

Project date: 2021/05 - 2021/11

2021: Implementation of Ixar software in combination with AR glasses

"IKSAR" in combination with AR-glasses helps the enterprise of the fuel division of Rosatom Group of Companies to improve the processes for monitoring the state of equipment. Reported about this Inline Group on December 27, 2021.

During the project, digital step-by-step instructions were developed to assess the state of production equipment during regular rounds, in which parameters to be monitored and check lists for checking the state of equipment were recorded. AR-glasses and were simultaneously used as mobile devices industrial.

With the help of the BISOK IE during operations, the production personnel follows the digital guide to action, records the state of the equipment, has the opportunity to analyze additional information on the spot, and specify the necessary parameters. At the same time, the solution allows you to leave a digital trace of all the performed operations on the device and reduce the load on the employee regarding the preparation of the resulting reporting documents, since all the data is automatically collected in the analytical module of the solution.

Despite the objective limitations associated with COVID-19, the implementation of the solution has been completed in full accordance with the approved schedule. This was made possible by the coordinated actions of the project team, the high level of management involvement in the introduction of innovations, as well as by the simplicity and flexibility of the ICSAR software platform.

Commenting on the results of the project, the Chief Designer of Information Systems Olga Shadrina noted that the use of ready-made platform solutions, such as IKSAR, allows you to create modern digital solutions for production, increasing the efficiency of business processes. The introduction of IS VISOK on the basis of "IKSAR" made it possible to reduce the time of equipment bypass operations, improve the quality of equipment bypass, as well as obtain information on bypasses in digital form for subsequent analysis.

Project Director from IKSAR Vladimir Gorokhov expressed gratitude to the management of the Machine-Building Plant for their deep involvement in the project and desire to introduce effective innovations, and also noted that complex software systems should be immediately designed and developed with a clear understanding of how simple the use of these solutions by end users will be. The key task of software developers is to ensure that all complex algorithms are "hidden" from the eyes of an ordinary user, and the user interface is simple, flexible and intuitive. Training in innovation in the case of "field" employees and production personnel should take only a few hours.

Additional information on the ICSAR decision

Solutions based on the AR-platform "IKSAR" arouse increasing interest among customers and have already been introduced in the oil and gas, metallurgical, logging, engineering and other industries. The most popular scenarios in Russia and the world for using such technologies are:
  • performing equipment bypasses;
  • maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • quality control;
  • Supervision and inspection work;
  • assembly of articles, assemblies and assemblies;
  • chief installation and commissioning works;
  • construction control;
  • warehouse operations;
  • Remote Assistance
  • Training and rapid adaptation of new employees.

At the same time, the capabilities of IKSAR allow you to implement any scenario of digital support for "field" employees, including integration with robotic equipment, IoT solutions on equipment, existing IT systems of the ERP class, APCS, MES, GIS and others.