Udachninsky Mining and Processing Plant (Udachninsky GOK)

Customers: Angara Forest Processing Complex (PLPC)
Contractors: Inline Group
Product: Inline Group Ixar (XR) Platform for Auxiliary Reality Devices

Project date: 2021/06 - 2021/01

2021: Testing the Ixar Platform and AR Devices

On August 10, 2021, Inline Group announced that Priangarsky LPC, as part of the program to find and introduce innovative solutions in the forest industry, ForestTech Accelerator completed a pilot project for the use of domestic Iksar software in combination with AR-points of industrial execution in the maintenance section of complex logging equipment.

The Ixar platform, developed by Inline Group specialists, fully meets the requirements for import substitution.

The key task of the pilot project is to check the applicability and efficiency of augmented reality technologies and devices for digital support of the work of mechanics, performing duties on specialized logging equipment. Work was carried out both at the production site of the plant and at remote logging areas. Reducing the forced outage of equipment will make it possible to get a significant economic effect for the company. These technologies ensure reliability data about the work performed, including photos and video materials about checkpoints as part of the process.

Domestic software Ixar made it possible to digitize the process of servicing the Forvader Ponsse Buffalo machine as soon as possible. Then, mechanics underwent one-day express training and began to implement digital manuals for action on smart glasses of the HMT-1 industrial version RealWear.

Intuitive interface of voice control in Russian Russian, clear and visual procedure of works execution, presented directly in front of user's eyes, allow to perform process of maintenance of equipment in strict accordance with manufacturer's regulations. Performing work in the Ixar software on a wearable device, the employee leaves a complete digital trace and is not distracted by the final report on the completion of the work.

The Ixar analysis module allows you to view all steps of the process in various sections, determine deviations from standards, study registered incidents and breakdowns, understand the location during work, the path traveled and much more.

Additional features can be provided by the Ixar Remote Assistance module, which provides group video communication between a mechanic working with a technical unit or with a remotely located expert who will either more accurately determine the identified problem or help eliminate the malfunction on the spot during consultations. To do this, you can download additional documents or instructions, draw over a "live" video stream, "ball" the screen, show videos and other modern video communication tools.

Commenting on the results of the pilot project, the chief mechanic for to transport the Angara LPC Sergey Voloshin noted the high potential for using Ixar in combination with modern AR devices of industrial design. The founder of Ixar Igor Gulyansky , for his part, noted the high level of engagement and support of the management and employees of Priangarsky LPC when introducing digital tools.

It is important to note that in June 2021 the software platform for solutions for augmented and virtual reality devices and technologies "Ixar" was included in the register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases by order of the Ministry of Digital Arts of Russia dated 22.06.2021 No. 633 Appendix No. 1, registry No. 10726.

Solutions based on the AR platform "Ixar" arouse increasing interest among customers and have already been introduced in the oil and gas, metallurgical, logging, engineering and other industries. The most popular scenarios in Russia and the world for using such technologies are:
  • performing equipment bypasses;
  • maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • quality control;
  • supervision and inspection work;
  • assembly of articles, units and assemblies;
  • chief installation and commissioning works;
  • construction control;
  • Warehouse transactions
  • Remote Assistance.

At the same time, Ixar's capabilities allow you to implement any scenario of digital support for "field" employees, including integration with robotic technology, IoT solutions on equipment, existing IT systems of the ERP class, APCS, MES, GIS and others.