AR glasses — aiding "field" employees at JSC "Khiagda"

The solution is based on IKSAR, a domestic software platform for implementing various scenarios to support the work of industrial personnel and so-called "field employees" in industrial-grade AR glasses.

This solution encompasses numerous integrated digital technologies, such as data processing, virtual and augmented reality technologies, neurotechnologies, artificial intelligence, etc.

The new equipment allows employees to receive graphical step-by-step instructions, identify equipment through various tags, perform hands-free operations, input control parameters and checklists through voice commands, as well as conduct photo, video, and audio documentation of work performed. The solution also enables the translation of audio messages into text, enhancing the detailed reporting of work conducted.

With a connection available, the system allows for individual and group video conferencing calls with remote experts. This approach enables firsthand observation of the on-site situation, facilitating timely and comprehensive instructions to the production staff or conducting remote inspections.

In the first phase of implementing AR glasses, seven services at the production site in the Bauntovsky Evenkiysky District and at the railway base in the Zabaykalsky Krai are involved. Twelve work scenarios have been configured for employees, and over 100 individuals have undergone training seminars.

"In the shortest time, the solution was installed and configured within the secure perimeter of the enterprise. All data is processed and stored within the company’s perimeter," said the First Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer, Evgeny Gurulyov.

In 2024, JSC "Khiagda" plans to implement the second phase of the project, expanding the number of application scenarios and exploring the possibility of integrating machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies.

Reference: JSC "Khiagda" supplies the Russian nuclear industry with strategic metals, making a significant contribution to the country’s defense capability and energy security. Currently, work is being carried out at the Khigdinskoye, Istokhnoye, and Kolichkanskoye deposits in the challenging climatic conditions of the perennially frozen Bauntovsky Evenkiysky District in Buryatia. The enterprise creates new jobs for the republic’s residents and actively participates in social initiatives and charitable actions in the areas of its presence.

The domestic mineral and raw material base enables various industrial sectors to produce a wide range of products. This is facilitated by increasing the depth of raw material processing, a cluster approach to the development of individual deposits, and the creation of a new industry management model based on digitised data. Rosatom’s mining division pursues a responsible social policy, focusing on improving the quality of life for citizens residing in the areas where it operates.