Segezha Group has completed pilot testing of the augmented reality platform «IKSAR» for the forestry industry complex

Application options for the innovative development used in production include the "remote engineer" for forwarder maintenance, ordering spare parts from the warehouse catalog, calibration of the harvester head, and others.

According to the "remote engineer" plan, a remote specialist sees the same as the on-site operator in real-time. This is made possible by a camera built into the glasses. The expert can send the necessary instructions and schematics to the operator’s glasses screen and monitor their actions. This work model requires an internet connection.

The remaining scenarios do not require network connectivity. Data is stored and accumulated in the device and then automatically uploaded to the analytics core as soon as the device enters a signal reception zone.

Thanks to the convenience of augmented reality glasses combined with the "IKSAR" technology, operators' hands are always free, enabling them to perform tasks efficiently and promptly.

Segezha Group specialists believe that implementing the "IKSAR" platform will make the repair and maintenance processes of equipment and logging trucks more transparent across the company’s geographical presence. The proven and refined application schemes of the platform can be easily adapted for all Segezha Group enterprises. Only a few experienced engineers will be needed to coordinate and monitor all the processes in production. Changes introduced to production through the "IKSAR" software will reduce the risks associated with the departure of several foreign equipment suppliers from Russia.