Navigator 520
The new device addresses users' needs and eliminates some of the recognized issues. Bigger, sharper, bolder. That’s the catchphrase advertising the new piece in reference to the advanced display.
  • Seeing is Believing
    The new HyperDisplay is enlarged by 20%. The detail has been improved thanks to the new 720p HD resolution. The colors have become brighter and more saturated, which is pleasing to the eye. Improved visibility is achieved due to a large viewing area and a comfortable distance to the eyes
  • Rugged
    Drop tested, dust tight and water resistant for challenging work environments including extreme heat up to 122°F / 50°C
  • Flexible
    Works with most PPE so you can operate in a variety of environments
  • Built to last
    Long lasting, hot-swappable battery for full shift use
  • Modular
    Stunning, modular 48MP camera sensor provides great performance even in low light settings. You can swap it out with the Thermal Camera Module (not included) so you can see thermal for new uses
  • Free your Hands ™
    With world-class voice performance and unrivaled noise cancellation, you can use your device hands-free even in noisy environments (up to 100 dBA)
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