IKSAR now works on smartwatches

Moziware, a Chinese manufacturer of industrial AR glasses, is expanding its equipment lineup by launching smartwatches (Moziware Smart Watch) on the market.

The device can be used independently as a standalone mobile device or in combination with AR glasses (MoziwareCimo) or with a smart camera (Moziware SmartCamera).

The 2.88-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 640 makes viewing key information convenient and performing production work regulations clear and efficient.

The new Moziware Smart Watch can also be used to interact with Cimo or HMC100 devices through the touchscreen. This is enabled by the wireless Moziware Connect technology, providing smooth and fully mirrored display.

The battery life lasts for at least 2 hours of intensive work, and in combined mode with moderate use, it can last for an entire 8-hour work shift.

Moziware Smart Watch is equipped with 2 cameras. One is located on the side of the device, allowing the video stream to show the user's perspective. The second camera is front-facing, located on the display, and can be used for user identification.

The manufacturer equipped the device with a quad-core processor running at 2GHz and 4GB of RAM, enhancing the device's performance. The built-in 64GB memory allows for storing a large amount of data.

Releasing smartwatches on Android 9.0 allowed the IKSAR team to quickly adapt the innovation to the platform and offer customers a new way for field employees and production personnel to perform their tasks.

The Moziware Smart Watch includes a slot for SIM cards and supports the 4G LTE standard, enabling its use in all possible field conditions with minimal network coverage.

IKSAR enables voice control of operations on the smartwatch through a wireless headset.

According to the IKSAR team, the Moziware Smart Watch can find valuable applications in a wide range of customer scenarios.