IKSAR was demonstrated to the largest industrial companies in Nizhny Novgorod

 IKSAR was demonstrated to the largest industrial companies and heads of relevant ministries at the CIPR anniversary conference in Nizhny Novgorod.

The past CIPR 2022 showed a record interest of industrial companies in IT solutions.
We develop the product and offer a range of ready-made application scenarios. An employee wearing AR glasses can be both online and offline, which means that we must be able to present him with the full functionality of work without a connection and give him additional benefits if there is a connection.

More results per unit of time is always a competitive advantage. In conditions of scarcity of resources and other constraints, labor productivity comes to the fore especially sharply. It is important to take care of complex technological equipment, which is the main one for production. Strict observance of maintenance regulations is the key to stable and reliable operation of components and assemblies. For this, among other things, IKSAR is needed in combination with AR glasses or smartphones / tablets. The employee not only receives instructions on the screen of the mobile device on how to perform each step, but also confirms the fact and consequences of their actions with a photo and video recording. This forms a complete digital trail of transactions, eliminates paper reports and logs, and provides a complete and objective picture for controlling persons.

 Of particular note is the inclusion of IKSAR in the final story of Channel One, where the reporter tries on a new generation of digital tools for production personnel