The new AR glasses Moziware Cimo weigh only 150 grams

The IKSAR team constantly explores innovations in the augmented reality glasses market. The primary focus is on models that can be used in challenging conditions across various industrial sectors. Devices should perform well in outdoor environments, noisy conditions inside factories, with screens visible in bright sunlight and darkness, and operate for at least two hours without recharging. The software of the glasses should offer extensive integration capabilities with third-party solutions, particularly with the IKSAR software platform.

Every 3−4 months, a new product announcement about augmented reality devices enters the international information space. Each manufacturer seeks to make their unique offer to the user:

  1. Lightweight glasses weighing 30−50 grams as an accessory to a smartphone.
  2. Lightweight glasses designed as standalone devices with limited functionality.
  3. Heavy, yet high-tech glasses, with external control blocks housing computational power and a battery.

The new AR glasses Cimo by the Chinese manufacturer Moziware are standalone devices weighing only 150 grams for daily use in various industrial scenarios.

The built-in battery lasts for at least 2 hours of intensive work, such as constant video communication. The device is equipped with 2 cameras. One is located directly on the back of the device’s screen, allowing to demonstrate the video stream exactly as seen by the user. The second camera, located on the control block, has a slightly shifted view, which is suitable for demonstrating surrounding objects.

Moziware Cimo is designed specifically for industrial use, featuring IP66 dust and water resistance, active noise cancellation up to 90 dB, adapted to withstand falls on concrete from a height of 1.5 meters, and an operating temperature range with all standard characteristics maintained from minus 20 to plus 50 degrees Celsius. The screen has a sufficient viewing angle of 20 degrees for normal perception of auxiliary information. The screen placement can be adjusted for the right or left eye.

The manufacturer equipped the device with a powerful chipset: 2.0 GHz 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 662 with Kryo 260 CPU, Adreno 610 GPU - OpenGL ES 3.2 & OpenCL 2.0, mobile operating system based on Android 10, and Infinity OS.

The device can be attached to a helmet, hard hat, or soft headband. The manufacturer has provided a wide range of accessories to cover a large number of production scenarios.

Moziware Cimo, in terms of most technical specifications, is on par with the leading device from RealWear in recent years, and from a pricing perspective, it is significantly cheaper for the end consumer.

Considering the good potential of Cimo AR glasses, the IKSAR team quickly adapted in close collaboration with Chinese partners.

The necessary settings for quality voice control in Russian, according to our recommendations, were promptly implemented by the Chinese partners.

At the moment, full compatibility between Moziware Cimo and the IKSAR platform is ensured.