IKSAR in combination with AR glasses helps the fuel division enterprise of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

"INLINE GROUP" and Machine-Building Plant announce the successful implementation of the Visual Inspection Equipment and Components Information System (VISOK) project using AR glasses and tablets based on the domestic software IKSAR

During the project, digital step-by-step instructions were developed for assessing the condition of production equipment during regular inspections, which recorded the parameters subject to control and equipment condition checklists. Industrial AR glasses and tablets were simultaneously used as mobile devices.

With the help of VISOK, the production personnel follow the digital guide for operations, record the equipment’s condition, have the ability to analyse additional information on-site, and indicate necessary parameters. Additionally, the solution allows for leaving a digital trace of all performed operations on the device and reduces the employee’s workload in terms of preparing resulting reports, as all data is automatically collected in the analytical module of the solution.

Despite the objective limitations associated with Covid-19, the implementation of the solution was carried out according to the approved schedule. This became possible due to the coordinated actions of the project team, high level of management involvement in innovation implementation, as well as the simplicity and flexibility of the IKSAR software platform.

Commenting on the project results, Olga Shadrina, Chief Designer of Information Systems, noted that the use of ready-made platform solutions like IKSAR allows for creating modern digital solutions for production, enhancing the efficiency of business processes. The implementation of VISOK based on IKSAR reduced the time of equipment inspections, improved the quality of inspections, and provided digital information on inspections for subsequent analysis.

Vladimir Gorokhov, the project director from IKSAR, expressed gratitude to the management of the Machine Building Plant for their deep involvement in the project and willingness to implement effective innovations. He also noted that modern complex software systems should be designed and developed with a clear understanding of how easy these solutions will be for end users to use. The key task for software developers is to "hide" all complex algorithms from the eyes of ordinary users, while ensuring that the user interface is simple, flexible, and intuitive. Training for "field" employees and production personnel in using innovations should take only a few hours.