Who, Where, and How Applies AR in Industry? 3 Recent Cases

Pharmaceuticals. Novo Nordisk Case

Novo Nordisk, a multinational pharmaceutical company, the largest producer of insulin and GLP-1 products worldwide. Novo Nordisk's main goal is to discover new ways to combat diabetes and other chronic diseases. Several challenges arose on their path, which led to the implementation of an AR platform.

Novo Nordisk Challenges Requiring Solutions:

  • Shortage of skilled specialists,
  • Necessity to meet a vast array of requirements mandated by quality standards (GMP) for medical products.

Solution - Implementation of an augmented reality platform allowing:

  • Remote support and consultation: every employee can connect with remote experts to clarify questions, receive 3D instructions, voice prompts, and formulas,
  • Collect and process information for creating training materials for interns,
  • Automatically notify employees of actions needed to meet GMP standards.

Effects of Platform Implementation:

  • Enhanced efficiency: employees perform tasks more accurately and efficiently with 3D instructions and environmental visualisations,
  • Improved product quality and services,
  • Enhanced and accelerated staff training,
  • Сompliance withGMP compliance.

For Novo Nordisk, AR technologies are the key to reaching new heights in their mission to combat chronic diseases and improve the quality of life for millions worldwide.

Shipbuilding, Ship Interior Design. R&M Group Case

R&M Group specializes in ship interiors. Engineers worldwide work on major projects, designing theaters, restaurants, bathrooms, and cabins for ships of various purposes.

R&M Group Challenges Requiring Solutions:

  • Communication difficulties among team members,
  • Low response speed to client requests,
  • Long design implementation process,
  • High costs for prototyping, client approvals, and changes to layouts,
  • Limited training and knowledge sharing.

Solution - Implementation of an augmented reality platform allowing:

  • 3D model visualization in 1:1 augmented reality,
  • Virtual meetings for editing 3D models (participants' number - unlimited),
  • Virtual showcase and experience for clients,
  • Information gathering for converting into educational resources.

Effects of Platform Implementation:

  • Reduced development time,
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Improved team communication,
  • Optimized training and knowledge sharing.

For R&M Group, augmented reality offers the ability to avoid downtime, increase customer loyalty, and ensure effective collaboration at all stages.

Auto Detailing. Porsche Cars North America Case

Porsche Cars North America supports dealerships, providing parts, tracking service quality, and educating employees. To enhance service quality, they implemented augmented reality technology.

Porsche Cars North America Challenges Requiring Solutions:

  • Continuous improvement of customer service quality,
  • Creating favorable working conditions for technicians,
  • Remote expertise due to distance from experts,
  • Lengthy training for new employees,
  • High cost of centralized training.

Solution - Implementation of an augmented reality platform allowing:

  • Remote assistance and expert consultation,
  • 3D visualization and interaction with remote experts,
  • 3D interface to view and interact with car models,
  • Information collection for educational programs.

Effects of Platform Implementation:

  • Increased work efficiency,
  • Enhanced service quality,
  • Reduced training time,
  • Employee attraction and retention,
  • Improved customer and employee loyalty.

For Porsche Cars North America, augmented reality inspires everyone interacting with it, from employees to customers."