The project based on IKSAR at Segezha Group has been approved for the "Project of the Year" competition by Global CIO

The project "Unified Competence Center based on the Russian platform and augmented reality interface" at Segezha Group, using IKSAR, has been approved for the "Project of the Year" competition by Global CIO.

The key goal of the project is to reduce equipment downtime.

Expected project outcomes:

  • Diagnostic time: was 24−72 hours; now 1−3 hours, total downtime could be reduced by 220,800 hours per year for the entire fleet.
  • Maintenance and diagnostic processes: previously involved engineers (internal or subcontracted) going on-site; now, diagnostics are conducted remotely, maintenance procedures and step-by-step scenarios are uploaded to the device, allowing an operator to perform them on a remote site without the need for an expert visit. In addition to reducing downtime, the cost of the process itself is also reduced.

The project is unique in its approach. Similar solutions for equipment repairs "in the field" in Russia have not been implemented by anyone to date.

More than 5,000 IT leaders from the Global CIO community will participate in the voting.

Details available at the link.