Successful Sprint: how IKSAR transformed business processes

According to statistics, industrial enterprises worldwide annually lose over a trillion dollars due to forced downtime, with human factors accounting for 30% of cases. IKSAR is a platform that enables the rapid creation of instructions for production employees, allowing them to precisely follow instructions by filling out checklists and capturing deviations through photo and video documentation on AR glasses.

In the Sprint, the IKSAR team aimed to improve the sales funnel, reduce the deal cycle, assess the demand for the technology in various industrial sectors, identify new niches and growth models, and package the product for the market.

Working with Sprint trackers, the IKSAR team utilised techniques for preparing and conducting in-depth interviews, segmented the sales funnel, analysed successful cases in detail, and broke them down into components. They identified key factors that facilitated contract closures, leading to impressive results by the end of the accelerator program.

IKSAR’s Sprint Results:

  • Reduced the deal cycle by 30% — from 6 to 4 months.
  • Secured 4 contracts totaling 15 million rubles.
  • Improved the sales funnel by 25% and moved 20 customers to the next stage.

Igor Gulyansky, the founder of the IKSAR software platform, explained how the application of AR glasses in the industry reduces the likelihood of errors by engineers and operators, minimising the risk of equipment downtime. This growth in the IKSAR project during the Sprint demonstrates how to maximise benefits from the program.

To read the interview, follow this link.

Material and photo credit: Sprint Accelerator.