Gazprom Neft and Rosprirodnadzor utilize augmented reality tools for the first time

Gazprom Neft in collaboration with Rosprirodnadzor, conducted inspections of production facilities in Russia for the first time using augmented reality (AR) technologies. AR solutions enabled remote and expedited assessments of compliance with environmental legislation for capital construction projects and issuance of documents for commissioning.

Representatives of Rosprirodnadzor, located at their workplaces in Moscow and Orenburg, remotely inspected the new wells of Gazprom Neft at the Yagodnoye field in the Orenburg region. This inspection in Russia was the first to employ both video streaming and augmented reality tools. Following the inspection, Rosprirodnadzor issued a conclusion confirming the compliance of the wells with environmental norms, allowing the completion of the evaluation procedure and obtaining permission for the commissioning of the facilities.

The pilot experiment confirmed the high effectiveness of augmented reality technologies for remote monitoring and acceptance of newly constructed objects. Digital solutions increase speed and quality while reducing costs, particularly in inspections conducted in challenging and remote areas. Moreover, these technologies ensure safety and expedite the evaluation of new production facilities under the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, Rosprirodnadzor may replicate this solution for the acceptance of new construction projects in other regions of Russia.