IKSAR at the Faculty of Computer Science at VSU

On September 27, 2023, the IKSAR team held an open lecture for students and teachers of the Faculty of Computer Science at Voronezh State University (VSU).

IKSAR specialists discussed their perspective on the myths and realities of augmented reality (AR) with a focus on the development of such technologies in various industries.

Lecture attendees had the opportunity to experience and try on over 10 models of AR glasses from different manufacturers, including Rokid X Craft, RealWear Navigator 500 and 520, Vuzix M4000, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, MS Hololense 2, Quest Pro, and others.

During the presentation, the structural and software features of existing AR glasses on the international market were examined in detail. According to experts from the IKSAR team, one should not expect the emergence of "perfect" AR glasses that universally fit any use case in the near future, as each of the presented models has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The industrial sector imposes increased demands on devices compared to ordinary retail consumers. Production personnel may work in challenging outdoor weather conditions, high noise environments, and low lighting. Workers use personal protective equipment such as helmets, special clothing, gloves, and safety goggles. Environments can be dusty, and hands and gloves may be oily. There may not be frequent opportunities to charge mobile devices, as well as constant access to wired and wireless communication. AR devices must meet all these challenges, including the software developed for them.

Developers of specialised industrial software must personally visit numerous enterprises and engage with the people for whom IT solutions are being created. Only after this can they understand the real needs of both companies in terms of control procedures and the requests of end users who will be working with such devices and technologies.

During the lecture, IKSAR representatives also shared the most in-demand use cases for such technologies in various industrial sectors. Among the most popular scenarios worldwide are equipment inspections, maintenance and repair, quality control at various stages, field inspections and audits, assembly and disassembly of complex components and aggregates, commissioning work, as well as anything related to remote interaction between various geographically distributed participants in the production chain.

Each of these scenarios provides companies with both quantitative and qualitative benefits, as discussed through case examples during the lecture, showcasing savings of at least 100 million rubles annually.

The lively interest of the participants was accompanied by active questions on all topics, including the application of artificial intelligence technologies integrated with augmented reality.

In the concluding part, IKSAR representatives conducted a live demonstration of the capabilities of their own software on a test example, including the core features of the solution: graphical, textual, and voice prompts, checklist completion, data input, photo and video documentation of incidents, as well as making a video call to a remote expert and receiving instructions in augmented reality.

The event was attended by no fewer than 70 participants, and we hope that now each of them believes a little more in the idea that IKSAR software in combination with AR glasses will help employees access the necessary data at the right time right before their eyes, providing mutual benefits to both the company and the employee on a daily basis!