New AR Glasses for Industrial Use Coming Soon to Russia

The IKSAR team is committed to ensuring compatibility of its software with leading models of augmented reality glasses on the global market.

Every six months, global manufacturers introduce new models of AR glasses, including those suitable for industrial use.

We purchase and test all the latest releases available in open and closed sales. We strive to establish direct contracts with AR glasses manufacturers and be among the first to learn about innovations, both technical and software-related.

Very soon, the offering for Russian customers will be expanded with a new model from Moziware.

Moziware’s AR glasses, called 'cimo,' are characterised by compactness, versatility, and a more affordable price compared to competitors.

According to the manufacturer, the device’s screen offers a good 20-degree field of view, can withstand drops onto hard surfaces from a height of 1.5 meters, and features voice control in multiple languages, as well as active noise cancellation up to 90dB.

The device falls into the standalone category, meaning that Moziware cimo AR glasses do not require any external control unit to operate. In essence, it’s a smartphone transferred to the head, complete with memory, a processor, a screen, speakers, microphones, sensors, and much more.

Unlike competitors, the device is relatively lightweight, weighing only 155 grams.

The glasses have 2 cameras: a main one and a front-facing one, with 16 and 8 MP resolution, respectively.

The manufacturer has ensured compatibility of the AR glasses with personal protective equipment and traditional prescription glasses, allowing the device to be used by people in various professions.

Soon, the new product will be in the hands of the IKSAR team, and we will conduct extensive tests and provide you with all the details."